Westknights Lineage 1
private server

Westknights Lineage 1 is a FREE and stable private server with modest rates, light mods, friendly staff and regularly scheduled events. Launched March 2009, no server wipes, always up!

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Westknights Lineage 2
private server

Westknights Lineage 2 is a FREE and stable private server with medium rates and very light mods. No server wipes, always up. Launched February 2012!

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Recent News

WK Lin1 closure event at 5pm Pacific!

Starting at 5pm Pacific, we'll be running the Westknights Lineage 1 server closure event. It will be a giant boss spawn event lasting approximately 2 hours, and following the event the server will be shut down.

Please join us at 5pm Pacific to celebrate our 5 years online with Westknights Lineage 1!

WK Lin1 source code repository

Today we are releasing the current version of the source code that powers Westknights Lineage 1. As we have previously mentioned, it is our hope that this will be a positive contribution to the Lineage 1 community. The source code is an evolution of L1J-en that has received contributions from many people; we are calling it L1J-wk. Special thanks to Rincewind, Tricid, and Feena for their contributions to the project.

The source code repository can be found here:

The end of Westknights Lineage 1

Today we have some unfortunate news to announce as it has been decided that Westknights Lineage 1 will be taken offline later this month due to ongoing severe technical issues with the L1J server software. It has been a great 5 years of Lineage 1 action since the private server launched and we are very proud of its tenure online!

Not wanting to go out without a bang, we are pleased to announce that we'll be celebrating the server with a 3-week long event that will include double experience, karma, and drops! Please use this time to have fun with your friends and create good memories.

The celebration event will conclude with an epic 2-hour boss spawn event on Sunday, March 30. At the conclusion of the event the Westknights Lineage 1 server will be taken offline indefinitely.

We understand that many of you may feel upset that WK Lin1 will no longer be available for you to enjoy. We have invested an immense amount of time during the last five years to bring the WK Lin1 experience to the world, and we understand your feelings as we too are unhappy that it is necessary to take the server offline.

Following the shutdown of the server, some of our team will be working to improve the L1J server software. Also, the WK Lin2 and WK WoW servers are to remain in operation! The software running those servers is much more stable.

Please enjoy the boosted rates for the celebration event, and we hope to see you all for the epic boss spawn event on Sunday March 30.

Windawood Castle siege, Saturday 3/1!

March is right around the corner, and happens to mark the fifth anniversary of the Westknights Lineage 1 server coming online. To celebrate this milestone we are going to have a few special events during March, the first of which will be a long overdue first siege of Windawood Castle!

The Windawood siege will take place on Saturday March 1, at 18:00 game time.

Server maintenance Thursday 2/27

We'll be having server maintenance for all three Westknights private servers this afternoon around 2pm Pacific. The maintenance period should not take more than 1 hour.


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